Rublev bank

Name Rublev
Full name Joint Stock Commercial Bank "Rublev"
Licence 3098 | Summary on the Central Bank of Russia Site


on 01.05.2018 г.
Net assets 16 720 999 RUR, tnd, 170th place in Russia, 103rd place in regions
Net profit 264 340 RUR, tnd, 87th place in Russia, 57th place in regions
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URL www.rublev.ru
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The bank was registered in Moscow in September 1994. The bank joined the national deposit insurance system in August 2005. The bank changed its corporate status from a closed joint stock company to a public joint stock company.

At present, the bank’s beneficial owners are Nobel Oil* founder and co-owner Grigory Gurevich (58.33%), and also the oil company’s minority shareholders, including Grigory Gurevich’s spouse Vera Artyakova (31.12%) and their daughter Maria Nazarova (0.23%). The lending institution’s beneficial owners also include Igor Gorlushkin (4.40%), Alegri LLC (3.45%), Infotekh LLC (1.30%), and Ion LLC (1.16%).

The bank is headquartered in Moscow, its sales network is comprised of two additional offices (Moscow and Reutov), an operating office in Vladimir, and also 11 credit & cash offices (three of them operate in Crimea, two in Sevastopol, and other offices in Vologda, Leningrad, Rostov, Saratov regions, and also in the Republic of Komi and the Stavropol region). The bank’s ATM network consists of six machines that are in use at the bank’s branches. As of January 1, 2016 the bank’s average headcount equaled 244.

Among main customers, apart from households, the bank names oil producers, food makers, retailers, agribusinesses, manufacturers and textile concerns, drug makers and medical equipment producers, publishers and printing houses, and entities from other industries. Businesses are offered a variety of main banking services, including cash settlement services, bank guarantees, deposit products, online banking, payroll projects and corporate bank cards (MasterCard, Visa), merchant acquiring solutions, safe deposit box lease, currency operations, loans (including those granted to small and mid-sized enterprises using resources from SME Bank), and also leasing and factoring operations. Households have access to a wide range of deposit accounts, cash settlement services, loans (consumer and mortgage), safe deposit box lease, wire transfers (Western Union, Contact, Golden Crown, and UNIStream), bank cards (Visa, MasterCard), online banking and brokerage services. As its customers the bank names Eleron Production Association LLC, Yuza LLC, Laguna LLC, Petrusco LLC, MV — Nedvizhimost LLC, Plastaviya LLC, Russian Lead Group, Service-Integrator LLC, Appolo Trading House LLC, etc.

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