Primorye bank

Name Primorye
Full name Public joint-stock commercial bank "Primorye"
Licence 3001 | Summary on the Central Bank of Russia Site


on 01.08.2018 г.
Net assets 31 417 598 RUR, tnd, 132nd place in Russia, 3rd place in regions
Net profit 145 402 RUR, tnd, 141st place in Russia, 3rd place in regions
All indicators
URL www.primbank.ru
Banki.ru reference Bank Primorie is one of the biggest banks in the Primorie region by primary indicators, but mid-sized by Russian standards. Its key areas of business are corporate lending and operations with debt securities of Russian issuers. Noteworthy is a fairly good diversification of the bank’s resource base by financial instruments.

Bank Primorie was established in the Primorie region in 1994. At different periods the bank’s shareholders were such companies as Dalenergo, Primoravtotrans, Vladivostok Distillery, the Railroad Ministry, Electrosvyaz of the Primorie region, Joint Stock Commercial Bank International Financial Corporation, Oneximbank, Rosbank, etc.

At present, the bank’s largest shareholder is drama theatre actress Larisa Belobrova (63.18%), an 11.46% stake is in the hands of Anchor Worldwide Limited (its beneficial owner is South Korean citizen Son Yeunhwa), Olga, spouse of the former deputy governor of the Primorie region and Roliz vice president Alexander Linetsky, holds 6.25%.
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