Togliattikhimbank bank

Name Togliattikhimbank
Full name Commercial Joint Stock Bank "Togliattikhimbank"
Licence 2507 | Summary on the Central Bank of Russia Site


on 01.08.2018 г.
Net assets 20 954 770 RUR, tnd, 154th place in Russia, 4th place in regions
Net profit 195 129 RUR, tnd, 122nd place in Russia, 1st place in regions
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URL www.thbank.ru
Banki.ru reference Togliattikhimbank is a small regional bank owned by entrepreneur Sergey Makhlay. The bank mainly focuses on providing loans to its corporate customers and serving their employees. The bank’s own funds account for a considerable portion of the resource base.

Togliattikhimbank was incorporated in September 1993 with participation of Togliattiazot (shortly after the chemical company’s privatization) and also a number of chemical producers based in Togliatti. Since 2000 the lender has operated as a closed joint stock company (CJSC). The bank’s sole shareholder is Sergey Makhlay (100%), the son of Vladimir Makhlay, a famous businessman and founder of Togliattiazot*. Sergey also owns 74% of Bank for Development of Technologies and Savings (DTS-Bank). It should be noted here that criminal proceedings against Togliattiazot board chairman Vladimir Makhlay and Togliattiazot’s executive director and Togliattiazot Corporation’s vice president Alexander Marakov, which lasted five years, were terminated on April 20, 2010.
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