National Savings Bank bank

Name National Savings Bank
Full name Joint Stock Company "National Savings Bank"
Licence 1949 | Summary on the Central Bank of Russia Site


on 01.01.2018 г.
Net assets 776 119 RUR, tnd, 496th place in Russia, 4th place in regions
Net profit 2 251 RUR, tnd, 401st place in Russia, 2nd place in regions
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153000, Ivanovo, Palekhskaya street, 2
URL www.nbsrf.ru
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The bank was set up as Ivanovskiye Sitsy Commercial Bank in Ivanovo in July 1992, and it primarily served local enterprises. The bank was renamed Ivanovsky Oblastnoy Bank in December 1997. The bank became part of banking group Life in 2004, and the banking group’s core is Moscow-based Probusinessbank, and joined the deposit insurance system in December 2004. Since 2008 measures have been taken to transform the bank’s business model from universal to mono-product (as part of Life Group). As a core area of business the bank picked lending of employees of budget-financed institutions and pensioners. The bank was again renamed National Bank of Savings in August 2009.

The bank is 100% owned by Probusinessbank. The bank’s beneficial owners are Sergei Leontiev (29.78%), Eldar Bikmaev (11.72%), Alexander Zheleznyak (11.43%), Eduard Panteleev (5.44%), and also investment funds East Capital (19.93%), Blue Crest (7.94%) and Rekha Holdings (7.22%).

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