NB Trust bank

Национальный Банк «Траст»  
Name NB Trust
Full name National Bank Trust
Licence 3279 | Summary on the Central Bank of Russia Site


on 01.05.2018 г.
Net assets 580 352 414 RUR, tnd, 19th place in Russia, 15th place in regions
Net profit 15 396 775 RUR, tnd, 6th place in Russia, 5th place in regions
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105066, Moscow, Spartakovskaya str., d. 5, str. 1
URL www.trust.ru
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The bank was founded as Menatep Saint Petersburg, as a subsidiary of Moscow-based lender Menatep, in Saint Petersburg in 1995. Initially Menatep SPb was established as a mono-office bank to operate in the North-West region. However, following the financial meltdown in August 1998 when Menatep suspended operations, the bulk of operations were shifted to Menatep SPb and Trust & Investment Bank. In the course of asset distribution Menatep grabbed the lender’s branch network and card business, while Trust & Investment Bank gained the right to deal with most of Yukos’ financial flows. At the same time, Menatep SPb managed to gain support from Gazprom executives, which resulted in a substantial ownership shakeup and gave a stimulus to roll out a new area of business. The lending institution, which operated as a closed joint stock company, turned into an open joint stock company in 2000.

In summer 2004 the management team of Investment Bank Trust (former Trust & Investment Bank), led by the board chairman of both banks Ilya Yurov, wrapped up the acquisition of the title to controlling stakes in Bank Trust and Menatep SPb from their previous owners. As a result, the title to a 99.3% stake in Menatep SPb was assigned from MFO Menatep to Investment Bank Trust executives. In March 2005 the lender was renamed National Bank Trust, it moved from Saint Petersburg to Moscow in November 2006, and two years later the bank wrapped up the long-announced takeover of Investment Bank Trust.

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