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Commercial Bank «Viking» Stock Company


on 01.10.2018
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Commercial Joint Stock Bank Viking is a small regional bank that is controlled by the family of Saint Petersburg banker and entrepreneur Alexey Ustaev. The bank has a narrow business focus, key areas are credits and services provided to commercial businesses.

This Saint Petersburg-based lender can be called the first Russian commercial bank: in 1988 the lending institution received a general license (No. 2) fr om the State Bank of the USSR as Cooperative Bank Patent (No. 1 license is known to have been provided to International Moscow Bank, now UniCredit Bank, half of whose shares are in the hands of foreign investors). Bank Patent was transformed into a joint stock company in 1991 and renamed in Vikingbank in 1994. In 1997 its corporate name was changed to more laconic (Bank Viking).

At present, the lender has 43 shareholders. Largest stakes are held by Joint Venture Viking (16.077%, with Galina Ustaeva being its beneficial owner), Joint Venture Union (15.52%), lim ited liability company Viking (7.6%, its beneficial owners are Galina Ustaeva and Alisa Roshchina), Aida, Alexey and Galina Ustaevs (12.23, 9.73 and 5.42%, respectively) and Alexandra Proshunina (5.9%).
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