The Bank «IBA-Moscow» bank

Name The Bank «IBA-Moscow»
Full name The Bank «IBA-Moscow» Limited Liability Company
Licence 3395 | Summary on the Central Bank of Russia Site


on 01.11.2017 г.
Net assets 20 156 657 RUR, tnd, 159th place in Russia, 96th place in regions
Net profit 1 334 483 RUR, tnd, 50th place in Russia, 38th place in regions
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123022, Moscow, Rochdelskaya str., 14, b. 1
URL www.ibam.ru
Banki.ru reference

International Bank of Azerbaijan — Moscow (IBA-Moscow) passed registration in 2002. The sole participant of the bank, which was established as a limited liability company with 100% foreign capital, is Baku-based International Bank of Azerbaijan (IBA).

IBA-Moscow’s primary targets, expectedly, are to deepen trade and economic ties between Russia and Azerbaijan, provide services to Azerbaijani natives who live in Russia and to present the parent bank’s interests. The bank operates 2 branches (in Saint Petersburg and Ekaterinburg), 10 divisions, 3 operating cash desks, and also 50 ATMs and 100 POS terminals. The lender’s headcount exceeds 300 people (estimate). The bank holds a general license and is a member of the national deposit insurance system. The bank issued over 17,000 plastic cards and executed more than 100 payroll projects. The bank aggressively rolls out account-free wire transfers, including via payment systems Contact, Migom, Golden Crown and Western Union. The bank serves over 15,000 people who permanently wire funds to/from Russia and Azerbaijan.

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