Рейтинг рублевых вкладов

Рейтинг рублевых вкладов
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B&N Bank Public bank

Name B&N Bank Public
Full name B&N Bank Public Joint Stock Company
Licence 323 | Summary on the Central Bank of Russia Site


on 01.05.2017 г.
Net assets 1 178 974 006 RUR, tnd, 12th place in Russia, 11th place in regions
Net profit 1 007 511 RUR, tnd, 38th place in Russia, 32nd place in regions
All indicators
115172, Moscow, Kotelnicheskaya nab., 33, b. 1
URL binbank.ru
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B&N Bank is quite a large Moscow-based bank led by entrepreneur Mikail Shishkhanov*, its beneficial owner. The lender’s core areas of business are corporate lending and retail deposits. The bank is fairly aggressive on the FX market as well.

B&N Bank was incorporated at the end of 1993 by Mikhail Gutseriev as an operator of the special economic zone (a domestic offshore area), Ingushetia. From 2000 through 2002 the lender handled financial flows of state-controlled oil producer Slavneft and later began to deal with financial flows of private oil company Russneft, which was founded by the former Slavneft president and now renowned entrepreneur Gutseriev.

Once the informal group B&N united three areas of business: oil production and oil refining (Russneft), real estate development (PFK B&N, etc.) and finance (B&N Bank and First Insurance Company). The group’s owners Mikhail Gutseriev, his brother Sait Gutseriev and nephew Mikail Shishkhanov* (B&N Bank management board chairman and president) are in the ranking of the Russian richest.

In February 2008 the media announced the sale of B&N Bank to Vadim Moshkovich, a Federation Council member representing the Belgorod region, a co-owner of Rusagro, development firms Avgur Estate and Mashtab and land plots in the suburbs of Moscow (at that time business magazine Finance assessed his assets at $2.5 bln). In addition, banking rumor had it that Vadim Moshkovich acquired B&N Bank on behalf of third parties. However, the deal never got off the ground. Shishkhanov himself explained his refusal to strike a deal by the fact the timeframe for closing the purchase/sale agreement was substantially dragged out and the transaction price, which had been earlier agreed upon by the parties, no longer suited him. Moreover, in October 2008 Shishkhanov again took helm at the bank, regaining the position of the president in a bid to personally manage business at the time of turbulence on financial markets. Until recently (as of late May 2014) Mikail Shishkhanov held 97.96% of the bank’s shares. However, news broke on June 2, 2014 that as a result of an additional share issue (carried out via closed subscription in favor of Mikhail Gutseriev’s Hunberg Finance Limited) Shishkhanov’s holding was reduced to 77.7% and that of Mikhail Gutseriev equaled 20.6% of the bank. The additional share issue increased the bank’s charter capital by Rub 1.9 bln to Rub 9.3 bln, while equity jumped Rub 4 bln to around Rub 28 bln.

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