Bank Express-Tula (License No. 3237) has changed its official corporate name and since June 13 it has been operating as Bank Pervy Express. Relevant information was posted on the lender’s web site.

Based on the regulator’s data, the bank’s licenses (to conduct banking operations in rubles and currencies, to offer precious metal account products and place precious metals and to draw retail deposits in rubles and currencies) were renewed on June 5.

Bank Pervy Express (until June 13 Bank Express-Tula) is a mid-sized regional bank with operations centered on the Tula region. The bank’s priority areas of business are lending and maintaining accounts of corporate customers, SMEs, and retail deposits. The bank was registered by the Central Bank of Russia in March 1995.

Its major shareholders are Sergey Khudyakov (17.36%), Konstantin Tomenchuk (12.18%), Flagman LLC (8.31%, its beneficial owners are Irina and Sergey Khudyakovs), Modex LLC (7.40%, its beneficial owners are Valery and Denis Kretovs and Valentina Govorova), InvestForm LLC (7.36%, its beneficial owners are Natalia Desyatkina, Mustafa Kadyrov and Valentina Romanova), PartnerPlyus LLC (7.33%, its main beneficial owner is Konstantin Tomenchuk), IntelSfera LLC (7.15%, its beneficial owner is Alexander Polynkin) and Yulia Maksimova (6.21%).

Based on data, as of May 1, 2012 the bank’s net assets stood at Rub 7.85 bln (No. 275 in Russia), capital (calculated in line with CBR requirements) totaled Rub 860 mln, the credit portfolio amounted to Rub 6.47 bln and obligations to households equaled Rub 5.17 bln.