B&N Bank Tver would be folded into its parent company. The bank's reorganization through its takeover by B&N Bank was put on the agenda of an extraordinary shareholders meeting held by the regional lending institution, showed information that the bank disclosed.

The shareholders meeting will be conducted by absentee voting, with ballot sheets acceptable till April 8.

At present, B&N Bank holds 88.76% of its Tver-based subsidiary's shares. Another 5.89% interest in B&N Bank Tver is in the hands of Eriskhan Kurazov, and 5.35% falls to the remaining minority shareholders.

To remind, B&N Bank Tver is former Tveruniversalbank. B&N Bank was picked to rescue the bank in December 2014 together with other banks from Rost Group (Rost Bank, SKA-Bank (now B&N Bank Smolensk), Akkobank (now B&N Bank Surgut), and Bank Kedr).

Moscomprivatbank (now B&N Bank Credit Cards) also joined B&N Group as part of the rehabilitation program. B&N Group's other acquisitions include DNB Bank (now B&N Bank Murmansk), Uralprivatbank, MDM Bank and big leasing company Europlan together with Europlan Bank.

Most of the above banks are under full or primary control of B&N Bank itself. At the same time, MDM Bank's beneficial owners are Mikail Shishkhanov and Mikhail Gutseriev (who own at B&N Bank 59.41% and 39.36%, respectively), and Europlan (a little higher than by half) and Europlan Bank belong to Mikail Shishkhanov (in these three cases B&N Bank holds no shares).

Rost Bank, at least since mid-February 2016, has also been in the hands of Mikail Shishkhanov, data on the Bank of Russia's website showed. The media previously wired that Rost Bank and B&N Bank have de-consolidation plans. In late 2015, the Bank of Russia substituted Rost Bank's rescuer, approving Mikail Shishkhanov instead of B&N Bank.

For the time being, B&N Bank Murmansk is owned by Mikail Shishkhanov through a firm he controls, but there are plans to make this financial institution B&N Bank-controlled in the near future.