B&N Bank's reorganization by taking over B&N Bank Tver has started. The Bank of Russia's press service posted the relevant notification on Monday.

"In accordance with the requirements of Article 23.5 of the Federal Law "On Banks and Banking Activities" the Chief Directorate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in the Central Federal District informs about the beginning of the reorganization at B&N Bank by taking over B&N Bank Tver," the press release runs.

Previously B&N Bank wrapped up the takeover of two regional subsidiaries (B&N Bank Smolensk and B&N Bank Surgut). Krasnoyarsk-based Bank Kedr was folded into B&N Bank in June.

As part of rehabilitation Moscomprivatbank (now operating as B&N Bank Credit Cards) joined B&N Group. The group's other acquisitions are DNB Bank (now B&N Bank Murmansk), Uralprivatbank, MDM Bank and major leasing firm Europlan together with Europlan Bank.