Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA) has bestowed an AAA(RU) rating, a stable outlook, on Rosbank.

The credit rating is stipulated by the very high probability of the parent bank, which is highly credible, providing extraordinary support. Rosbank has high standalone creditworthiness assessment (SCA) due to comfortable capital adequacy, adequate risk profile and adequate liquidity and funding positions.

Owing to the universal nature of the group's operations, diversification of operating income before provisions is assessed as high (the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index is no higher than 0.2). Overall, the 2017 strategy meets the current macroeconomic trends and is viewed by ACRA as adequate and doable. Quality management at Rosbank is assessed to be at the highest level taking into account successful multi-year experience gained by top managers and full control on the part of Societe Generale S.A. over the bank's operations and the group which carries on business in Russia, as a whole.

Adequate assessment of the group's risk profile is determined by a quality risk management system that stands out by transparency and independence on intragroup decisions, and also by ongoing improvement of risk methodologies, stress tests and assessment of the current operating environment. The quality of the group's credit portfolio (67% of assets) is assessed as satisfactory given the acceptable level of bad and potentially bad loans (10.8% of the portfolio, including NPL 90+ that account for 9.1% of loans). The agency assesses concentration on the biggest borrowers (14.8% of the portfolio), high-risk industries (8% of credit) and related parties (46% of main capital) as low.

Strong liquidity position is determined by the big amount of liquid and high-liquidity assets, which results in sufficient coverage of potential outflows by high-liquidity assets (over the past six months the short-term liquidity ratio was steadily close to 90%).