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НС Банк
NS Bank
Full name
Commercial Bank «NS Bank»


on 01.12.2018
109004, Moscow, Dobrovolcheskaya, 20, str. 2
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The bank was founded as KAV-Bank in 1994. The bank’s first participants were three open joint stock companies (KAV, Kedr and Terminal, with stakes of 35% 35% and 30%, respectively). The bank was renamed Nezavisimy Stroitelny Bank (NS Bank, in brief) in 1997 when SU-155 and Glavmosstroy became its majority shareholders. The bank’s corporate status was changed to a joint stock company in June 2015, and now its full corporate name is NS Bank JSC. Mikhail Balakin, the owner of major construction group SU-155 who controlled over 34% of the bank’s shares, divested his holding in March 2013. The bank has been a member of the national deposit insurance system since February 2005.

At present, the bank’s beneficial owner — directly and through entities — is the bank’s president and board chairman Yury Petrov (58.38%). The lending institution’s other beneficial owners are Inga Belogurova (16.41%), board member Gennady Ulanovsky (7.84%), Anna Samsonova (7.13%), board members Sergey Deryabin (4.15%) and Larisa Podgornaya (3.44%), and Lilia Danilova (2.64%).

The bank’s network is mainly centered on Moscow and the Moscow region (the head office and ten additional offices in Moscow, three offices in the Moscow region). In addition, the bank runs an additional office in Saint Petersburg and four branches (in Nizhny Novgorod, Ivanovo, Veliky Novgorod and Saint Petersburg). The bank’s cards can be processed at ATMs of partner banks (Promsvyazbank and Alfa Bank), and its own ATM network comprises 31 machines. As of January 1, 2016 the lending institution’s headcount totaled 504.

Corporate customers are offered cash settlement services, loans and guarantees (to bid at auctions, to execute contracts), non-cash currency operations, deposit accounts, securities market transactions, the issue and support of corporate cards (Visa), payroll projects, cash collection services, online banking, merchant acquiring, leasing services, currency control, letters of credit, and partner programs (insurance, private pension funds).

Retail customers are provided with cash settlement services, a lineup of deposit accounts, loans (consumer, auto and mortgage loans), wire transfers (Western Union, Golden Crown), safe deposit boxes, letters of credit, memorable coins, brokerage and depositary services, bank cards and Internet banking. Mortgage lending is rolled out aggressively because the bank invests in housing construction and keeps close partnership ties with Moscow’s leading home builders (Morton, etc.).

The bank’s clientele totals around 219,000. Among customers the bank distinguishes companies operating in the construction and related sectors (Mospromstroymaterialy, Mekhanizatsia-2, an operator of construction machinery and equipment).

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