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Alfa Bank was registered in Moscow in January 1991. The bank was established by famous Russian businessman Mikhail Fridman and his partners. The lending institution has been a member of the national deposit insurance system since December 2004. In 2014, the Bank of Russia decided to rehabilitate Bank Baltiysky. Upon results of the financial institution’s inspection conducted in 2014, the Deposit Insurance Agency rehabilitation launched rehabilitation procedures. After winning the relevant tender in August 2014, the Bank of Russia announced Baltiysky’ Bank’s rehabilitation with the participation of Alfa Bank. So Baltiysky Bank PJSC became part of Alfa Bank Banking Group. Separately it should be noted that this is the first bank that Alfa Bank was allowed to rehabilitate since the 2008 crisis when it rescued Severnaya Kazna. Initially, according to media reports, Bank Otkritie, MDM Bank, B&N Bank, Vneshprombank and Novicombank, in addition to Alfa Bank, were among bidders for the bank’s rehabilitation. DIA lent Rub 57.4 bln for a 10-year period at 0.1% o rehabilitate Baltiysky Bank which became necessary following a multi-year conflict of its owners. The Bank of Russia provided DIA with these funds. The rehabilitation program suggests the bank will become part of Alfa Bank until 2020. For this purpose, Baltiysky Bank’s capital will be reduced to Rub 1.00, and after recapitalization Alfa Bank will become a majority shareholder of the under-rehabilitation bank. The capital reduction to Rub 1.00 is provided for in the rehabilitation law.

As of January 24, 2017 the bank’s shareholder was AB Holding OJSC (99.89%), which is owned by Alfa Group’s ABH Financial Limited (Cyprus) that is controlled by ABH Holdings S. A. (Luxembourg), with the remaining 0.11% held by Alfa Capital Holdings (Cyprus) Limited. Beneficial owners of ABH Holdings S. A. (Luxembourg), the primary owner of ABH Financial Ltd., are Alfa Group* co-owners Mikhail Fridman, Herman Khan and Alexey Kuzmichev (who control 32.86%, 20.97% and 16.32%, respectively), and also the banking group’s board chairman Petr Aven (12.4%), and Andrey Kosogov (3.67%). Also, a 9.9% stake is in the hands of UniCredit S.p.A. (free float), with another 3.87% stake controlled by a charity trust established under the laws of Cayman Islands (the shares are managed on trust terms in favor of charity organizations).

Russia-based Alfa Bank is the core of banking group Alfa Bank which also comprises banking business in the CIS (Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam Trade Bank N. V.).

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