PRIME-TASS. Akibank’s FY08 IFRS net profit amounted to Rub 121.43 mln vs. Rub 128.10 mln a year earlier, while pre-tax profit came to Rub 212.37 mln compared to Rub 189.39 mln respectively, the lending institution reported in its financial statement.

In 2008, the lender’s assets totaled Rub 15.19 bln vs. Rub 12.07 bln a year earlier, including cash and funds held at CBR (Rub 2.17 bln against Rub 2.15 bln), loans granted to clients equaled Rub 10.83 bln (Rub 8.25 bln), fixed assets amounted to Rub 1.14 bln (Rub 990.2 mln). Also, clients’ funds totaled Rub 12.72 bln compared to Rub 9.22 bln and equity capital came to Rub 1.85 bln vs. Rub 1.77 bln, respectively.