Russian rating agency AK&M has affirmed Rublev's national scale credit rating of A (Sublevel 3), with a stable outlook.

As the agency noted, the A rating means that the bank is classified as a borrower with the high level of creditworthiness (the risk associated with the untimely fulfillment of obligations is low), the likelihood of debt restructuring or the part of debt is minimum.

Key factors supporting the bank's credit rating are the performance and the structure of the credit portfolio quality, a decline in the share of overdue loans, sufficient provisions, the high share of interest and commission income, and low concentration of obligations by groups of deposit holders, AK&M noted in a press release.

Among risk factors analysts name a contraction in the bank's own funds (in particular, capital declined by 14.2% over the past 12 months, dragging down the capital adequacy ratio N1.0 from 13,1% to 10.8%), the low share of high-liquidity assets and moderate liquidity ratios.