ST. PETERSBURG BANK FOR RECONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT (SPBRD) reported the balance sheet total of R1.429 billion for the first nine months of this year. The balance sheet total has increased by 6.3% from the start of the year. Net receivables stood at R1.135b (up 9.7%). The net profit has reached R10.569b, up 37.7% year-on-year. Own funds totalled R298.353 million as of October 1. Funds of clients, except for banks, grew by 19% to R1.052b, including R8.777m in individual deposits (up 56.8%). There were 5,209 plastic cards in circulation. As of October 1, card account balances stood at R26.358m and $69,910.

Source: SPBRD PRESS SERVICE, October 30, 2006