ТАСС/TASS. Since the early 2000s the nation's gross domestic product has jumped 15 times in nominal terms, while wages and pensions have increased 20x, and in real terms these indicators have grown conspicuously, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a media forum held by the All-Russian People's Front.

"The main thing is that our economy, no matter how we criticize it at the moment, and we should and will be doing this, as only through the real perception of what we have today we can take further steps to develop the economy, has nevertheless changed. It has strengthened substantially, in nominal terms the nation's GDP jumped 15 times, pensions and wages climbed 20x in nominal terms. But even in nominal terms, just the same, real income of the public have increased considerably," the President emphasized.

The objective is to create an open economy, said the President, by inviting Russian and foreign investors. Drawing private investment should be a benefit for the economy, and even for the defense industry, this is one of the general ways of economic development as a whole, the Russian leader specified. Presidential decrees issued in May 2012 highlight strategic targets, adjustments would be made depending on real conditions, but everything needs to be done, Vladimir Putin emphasized.

Far from all state-owned enterprises are efficient entities, often federal state unitary enterprises and government-owned joint stock companies operate to please executives rather than consumers, Vladimir Putin also pointed out. At the same time, according to him, privatization should not lead to the plunder of government property.