FINMARKET. Deutsche Bank, which some time ago lost a considerable portion of its investment division in Russia (after its specialists were enticed by VTB), continued efforts to strengthen the team of its Russian division. Alex Bronin was appointed head of the department in charge of structuring financial products on the developing markets of Russia and the CIS, the position of a director of the department for currency and interest-bearing instrument trading for Russia and the CIS was taken by Valery Pushnya, Andrey Yumatov took the seat of a director of the division for the sale of derivatives to Russian corporate clients, Alexander Danilenko was appointed head of the department for local bond trading in Russia and the CIS and Diana Nikilova took office as senior specialist for the structuring of credit financial products in Russia.

Alex Bronin came back to Deutsche Bank from Goldman Sachs after two years of employment as a specialist in operations with fixed-income instruments, currency and commodity operations (FICC). Earlier he worked at Deutsche Bank for more than eight years, dealing with structured products on the emerging markets and played a key role in rolling out this area of the bank’s business in the past.

Valery Pushnya returned to Deutsche Bank after a short period of employment at Merrill Lynch where he ran the department for fixed-income, currency and commodity (FICC) operations in the CIS. Before this he worked for three years at Deutsche Bank in the capacity of a head of the division in charge of financial derivatives on the domestic market and oversaw dynamic expansion of this area of the bank’s business in Russia at that time. Earlier, Pushnya held various positions at Nikoil, hedge fund VR Capital and Renaissance Capital.

Andrey Yumatov came to Deutsche Bank after seven years of employment at the Moscow office of UniCredit Bank where in recent months he ran a division of financial market operations and was a board member. Previously, Yumatov was employed by Bank Austria Creditanstalt (Russia).

Before joining Deutsche Bank Alexander Danilenko was a member of the group of specialists dealing with structured credit product operations at the London office of Merrill Lynch. Danilenko worked at Merrill Lynch for eight years, mainly specializing in structured credit products and correlation. Earlier he was a senior trader at Cargill (Ukraine) and held the position of a director of the treasury office of Credit Lyonnais’ Ukrainian representative office.

Diana Nikolova is also a former employee of Merrill Lynch, where she was a vice president for illiquid credit obligations on the developing markets, specializing mostly in CIS member states. Nikolova worked at Merrill Lynch for five years and before this she was a member of the fund-raising team at UBS for two years.