B&N Bank is not going to take over Europlan Bank, B&N Bank's press service told Banki.ru.

On Friday, July 10, B&N Group shareholders penned an agreement to buy 100% of Europlan Group, and the business model of Europlan Bank, which is part of Europlan Group, will remain unchanged. The business model of Europlan Insurance Company will also remain the same, B&N Bank's press service specified.

Furthermore, there will also be no changes in Europlan's management team. "We plan to team up with the present team of Europlan executives that forged a profitable business model of the group," B&N Bank said.

Any special measures to downsize Europlant's headcount, or rebranding are not expected.

However, B&N Bank intends to take an active part in defining Europlan's development strategy and control operating business efficiency. As Banki.ru learned, using Europlan B&N Group is eager to increase its share on the leasing market and keep ROE at 20-30% over the next few years.