RIA NOVOSTI. Dalcombank, based in Khabarovsk, adopted a decision to issue bonds for a total of Rub 2.95 bln, the lending institution reported.

At issue are two bonded loans (debut 1-series bonds for Rub 950 mln (950,000 bonds with Rub 1,000.00 par value each) and 2-series bonds worth Rub 2 bln (2 mln bonds with Rub 1,000.00 par value each)) with a 5-year maturity. The bank plans to place the bonds via open subscription on MICEX Stock Exchange, the preemptive right to acquire the bonds or the option of premature bond redemption are not available.

The bonds of each series carry 182-day 10 coupons. The yield rate for the first coupon will be determined at the placement auction, with subsequent yields to be set by the issuer.

Dalcombank is a primary operator on the Far East stock market. The bank specializes in providing loans to corporate and retail clients. More than 98% of the lending institution’s securities are in the hands of AFK Sistema.