VEDOMOSTI. Petr Gaidar, the son of Egor Gaidar, acquired a 19.46% holding in Bank Strategy on January 18 from Victoria Gukovskaya, and this was her previous entire interest, Vedomosti business daily quoted the lending institution’s representative as saying. According to the bank’s representative, the bank is currently controlled by a group of individuals. Apart from Petr Gaidar, they are Oleg Medvedev, Leonid Kelyin, Alexei Andronov and Irina Rubinova (they hold 19.9% stakes each). Through his representative Gaidar declined to disclose the transaction price as well. Raising his holding in the bank “has not yet been on the table”.

According to SPARK, 33-year-old Petr Gaidar is the general director at United Management Company (UMC), and Bank Strategy reported that UMC is involved in the construction of affordable housing. Gaidar, according to SPARK, also holds a 15% interest in Lege artis LLC, a company engaged in the field of arts, wholesaling of machinery, equipment, vessels, aircraft and food. In addition, Gaidar is a management board member at the Egor Gaidar Foundation, the primary mission of which is “to change the future of our country," Bank Strategy pointed out.

“Since November 2011 I’ve been a board member at this bank," Gaidar noted adding that the bank’s shares are not simply an investment for him as he knows well that the bank is reliable and holds strong potential. And Bank Strategy’s board chairman is former economy minister and vice prime minister Yakov Urinson who “was not only a colleague and associate, but also a good friend of Egor Gaidar”. For the record, in the early 1990s Egor Gaidar held office as first vice PM and led the Cabinet for six months.

The bank views Petr Gaidar as a strategic shareholder, a Bank Strategy spokesman emphasized.