Assets held by Samara-based Pervobank, under the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), topped Rub 59 bln in January — June 2014, or 7% above the year-start indicator (Rub 55 bln). These numbers were presented in a press release of the bank which announced on Wednesday its semiannual consolidated financial statement under the international standards.

As of July 1, 2014 the bank’s aggregate credit portfolio came to Rub 36 bln (up 5% YTD). The retail portfolio, which primarily consists of mortgage and auto loans, has expanded 39% YTD to over Rub 7 bln.

As of mid-2014 the aggregate amount of funds deposited at Pervobank amounted to Rub 36 bln. The money of corporate clients accounts for 48%, with the remaining 52% falling to household funds.

The lender’s net operating income, which was primarily derived from interest income, amounted to about Rub 1.2 bln (up 17.2% against January — June 2013). At the same time, first-half profit, as the bank’s financial statement showed, declined more than threefold to Rub 52.2 mln from Rub 177.9 mln, and in view of adjustment items the bank’s aggregate semiannual income equaled Rub 309,000 vs. Rub 240.97 mln in January — June 2013, i.e. down 780 times on the year.

As the bank’s financial statement showed, the consolidated financial statement includes data of the bank itself and entities which it controls (a management company, three leasing subsidiaries operating under the single brand, a factoring company and a company investing in real estate).