PRIME-TASS. Since the beginning of the year Novosibirsk-based Bank EEFC-Siberia’s balance sheet profit has plunged 33.6% on an accrual basis in January-October to Rub 340 mln (Rub 512 mln as of January 1, 2008), the bank reported. As of November 1, 2008 capital amounted to Rub 1.63 bln, up 49% YTD, whereas grand total jumped 32% to Rub 9.85 bln.

The credit portfolio has soared 65% YTD to Rub 4.53 bln as of November 1 (since this October the bank has imposed a temporary moratorium on new credits), inter-bank credits and deposits dove 99% to Rub 1 mln and securities investments were slashed by 66% to Rub 589 mln.

As of November 1 funds on settlement and current accounts amounted to Rub 2.43 bln (down 33% YTD), including Rub 2.35 bln held in rubles (a 35% contraction) and Rub 80 mln in foreign currencies (in ruble equivalent), i.e. up 2.5-fold.

As of November 1 deposits and household funds came to Rub 1.56 bln, down 13% YTD, including Rub 1.31 bln held in rubles (a 14% contraction) and Rub 251 mln in foreign currencies (in ruble equivalent), down 2%. As of November 1 the aggregate weight of balance sheet profit in the lender’s earnings decreased from 19.5% as of January 1 to 12% as of November 1, while balance sheet profit per employee dropped from Rub 1.73 mln to Rub 1.10 mln, respectively. As of November 1 the lending institution provided services to 11,842 corporate accounts (a 3% rise against January 1, 2008) and 51,946 households (a 10% increase).