RBC DAILY. Rosenergobank’s minority shareholder Vincenzo Trani intends to become a majority shareholder after the acquisition of the lending institution’s controlling interest from its owners, the business daily wrote Monday. According to him, a decision to sell the lending institution’s block of shares will be adopted in January 2009. Rosenergobank’s representatives said the sale of the securities has yet to be reviewed.

According to the information posted on Rosenergobank’s website, its shareholders are limited liability companies Istomin & Co. (16.9%), Logos (19.9%), Financegarant (19.51%), Stroyprima (15.4%) and Release Private (19.6%). According to RBC daily, the bank’s beneficial owners are its top managers. The remaining 8.56% of the bank’s stocks are held by legal entities and individuals.

As Trani told the newspaper, the issue of Rosenergobank’s sale to an outside investor will be discussed in January. This issue is projected to have been settled by the next shareholders meeting that is to take place on February 25. “As the owner of a 2% stake in Rosenergobank I am eager to take advantage of the pre-emptive right and purchase up to 75% of the lender’s securities” — he noted adding the market selling price of the securities is unknown so far, but he thinks it won’t be too high.

He plans to buy Rosenergobank stocks using his own funds. “My family covers six generations of bankers, as a result of which I can afford such an acquisition” — Trani said. After the bank’s controlling interest is bought, he would like to roll out SME lending business.

For the record, approximately till July 2008 Trani held office of Rosenergobank CEO and Paolo Trani, his father, had acted as an independent member of the lending institution’s BoD. They are no longer on the list of the bank’s executives.