Leto Bank would report no profit for 2015, the lending institution's management board chairman Dmitry Rudenko told a Banki.ru correspondent.

"Our business plan suggested a loss of Rub 2.5 bln under the international standards, and we intend to meet the plan. And we even hope to deliver the best result," Rudenko noted.

He also emphasized that he does not find developments with NPLs as critical. As of September 1, 2015 Leto Bank's NPLs under RAS stood at 18%.

"Things are not critical. Fortunately, we are a small bank and we grasped just the 'tail' of the crisis bubble. We'll deal with band loans. But, in the meantime, we're forming a new portfolio that replaces the one of bad loans very fast," Rudenko pointed out.

According to him, the bank is taking a number of measures to break even. "We streamlined systems of sales, client selection, put the lineup of products in order, and conducted a lot of experiments. Employees were to a certain extent offended by us as we launched a new product every quarter, replacing old ones. At present, the lineup of the bank's products is more or less stable. We feel quite comfortable in the segments we are in," Rudenko said. this case MET revenues would grow by Rub 609 bln in 2016, by Rub 525 bln and Rub 476 bln in 2017 and 2018, respectively.