This year Pochta Bank intends to generate IFRS net profit of Rub 1 bln. The bank's president and management board chairman Dmitry Rudenko made this forecast during a working meeting with Bashkir Prime Minister Rustem Mardanov.

As the media reported, Pochta Bank would earn Rub 94 mln in IFRS net profit in January-June 2016 instead of an expected Rub 1.14 mln loss.

"The credit portfolio has been growing at a steady pace, deposit accounts have been rising rapidly, and this is a key sign that the public puts trust in the bank," Rudenko said at the meeting in Ufa. "Longer term, we'll begin to provide services to micro and small companies, and this will solidify our market positions," he said.

Rudenko pointed out that "every day the bank opens ten customer service centers" and he emphasized that "not a single retail chain, not to mention financial companies, has expanded so swiftly in the country".

Earlier in August the lending institution's supervisory board confirmed its development strategy until 2023, according to which Pochta Bank's clientele would reach 21 mln, the ATM network would expand to 8,000 machines, and 26,000 offices of the financial institution would be opened all across Russia.