PRIME-TASS. Shareholders at Vyborg-Bank, based in Vyborg (Leningrad region), decided Thursday at an annual general meeting to pay out 2008 dividends on preferred shares as equal to 6% (Rub 5.00 is the par value of a stock), the lending institution reported. The bank plans to pay out the dividends on June 24, 2009. Meanwhile, it was decided not to pay out any dividends on common shares for 2008.

The shareholders approved a plan on the distribution of profit (Rub 40 mln) as follows: to earmark Rub 75,000.00 for preferred dividend payouts and put aside Rub 39.93 mln.

The lending institution’s AGM also approved an annual report for 2008, a balance sheet, a P&L statement, 2008 profit distribution, elected members of the supervisory board, the audit committee and appointed an auditor. The bank’s newly appointed supervisory board members are Vyacheslav Bek, Yury Zipman, Galina Olesyuk, Inna Runova, Alexander Smirnov and Alla Tuchina. Audit-Consulting was appointed the lending institution’s auditor for 2009.

As reported earlier, Vyborg-Bank paid out Rub 0.30 per preferred share with Rub 5.00 par value in dividends for 2007 and no dividends were paid out on commons.

Vyborg-Bank was incorporated in November 1990, runs a broad network of additional sales offices, operating cash desks and currency exchange booths in Vyborg and the Vyborg district. The lending institution’s charter capital is equal to Rub 26.75 mln. Major shareholders are Progress-Neva (19.9%), EEFC (19.9%) and Energy Corporation (13.07%).