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В банке беспредел благодаря работникам с протеже не голосовал
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Although the Bank with foreign capital, organization of work and maxims which prevails in it, in no way fit in with International human rights Standards, not to mention about compliance with Russian employee legislation.A significant influence the management’s decisions regarding the system of employee’s work in company, roles and relationships in the team, is made by the employee, who is the informal leader, good manipulator and handler, and whose behavior bases on his personal interests which contradicts law and common sense. Not understanding about the work of any departments of Bank, this employee had Bank’s controlling authorities, actually worked for tax and salary payments. At the working time, this person easily allows herself to shout at people, use foul language, to call people by using obscene words, to minimize the importance of human personality by the different ways. She smiles somebody if she need, pretending to care, and then, after 5 minutes, «throws mud» at these people. Also she has a very ugly habit «to finish» somebody’s "unfinished" work without permission, while the person leaves the room…, always gossiping and whispering in the ears, says people do not devolve the information about work for new employees, tries to eliminate smb. from the Bank if she doesnot like this person (despite the fact that the Bank pays money for recruiting), and the Management of the Bank persistently do not want to see this problem, protect and justify the behavior of this employee by the different ways. Its looks like that people just afraid to fall out with her because of any reasons and so do not say to anybody about this problem. The same cheeky and disrespectful behavior with a people from Tax Company and from other Banks.

Because of this arbitrary rule and permissiveness, the "caste" and "hazing" reign in the Bank. To say about me, I was given the double work, which was impossible for carrying-out because of some of reasons ( I should say some of that reasons were specially created by the stakeholders). Relevant Provisions concerning the organization of work, user’s banking program system guide , also the normal work of the same banking system program, the full analytics information about banking operations was absent at the time of my work at the Bank. Apparently, the information, (to increase someone’s importance and indispensability), were given me after the 10th time asking and without some "insignificant" details, which were important for carrying-out the work perfectly. And the processing of program file, which was started at my computer at evenings, did not finished to morning. I came from the work at the earliest at 22.00 o’clock, and when I was working continuously for some days till 01-00 night, and one morning had come to office later than others, I just was covered by obscenities, and of course, nobody have thought about "how I get home at nights?!".

The worlds like «employee's job description» were unknown for Bank too, anyway, if say personally about me, it just wasn't existed. Trying to save my health (which was really damaged during the period of work in the Bank ) I have left the service.

P.S. By the way, there are a lot of positive- minded people in the Bank, who go to work really for working and behave themselves according to civilized society’s standards.
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20.12.2014 00:16
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